5 Bulky Items You Should Recycle

If you look at the recycling facts, you will see that since 1990, the United States has improved dramatically in their recycling activities. Recycling facts report that fifteen years ago, the U.S. recycled roughly fifteen percent of our waste materials, which today has doubled to thirty percent! The following recycling facts are both interesting and fun bits of information to increase your knowledge on the art of recycling. 안전공원

Recycling Facts For Fun:

o Over 40 percent of soft drink bottles are recycled as well as 40 percent of paper products.

o More than 50 percent of steel products and appliances are recycled.

o 20 years ago in the U.S. there was one curbside recycling program in the U.S. There are now over 10,000 with 12,000 drop of recycling sites.

How Are Recycled Materials Collected?

There are four ways to recycle: drop-off recycling centers, curbside recycling, buy back centers, and deposit/refund centers (such as those for glass bottles.) Did you know there are now over 450 recycling material recovery facilities that buy recyclable material, sort it, clean it, and sell it again to companies who then use it in production?

Where Can I Find Such Recycled Materials?

There are many uses for the recycled material in products that we use every day. Some of the more common ones are paper towels, aluminum, and newspaper. But a check of recycling facts uncovers some more unusual uses for recycled materials, using recovered plastic in carpeting and park benches, and using recovered glass for paving roads.

How Can I Recycle?

Recycling facts state that one of the most important parts in the recycling process is you-the consumer. As you buy recycled products and then recycle them again, you continue the cycle. We also need to keep introducing new materials into this cycle, because one of the lesser known recycling facts is that after a time some materials can no longer be recycled. According to the recycling facts, paper can only be recycled 7 times before the fibers get too small to use again. On the other hand, metal can be recycled over and over.

Special Recycling Resources

The EPA sponsors a program for businesses called “WasteWise”. There is no charge to become a member and membership is voluntary. The program will give you ways to reduce your waste products and improve your bottom line while doing it. You can participate in the program as much or as little as you would like and you will become more aware of the recycling facts associated with your industry as well as other industries that you interact with. Local governments can get more information and recycling facts from the EPA in a publication called “Getting More for Less: Improving Collection Efficiency,” which details what different communities can do to improve their waste collection services and increase their recycling programs.

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