Employment Law and Fake Training Certificates Considered

Creating a fake training certificate is very easy with a word processing program, a scanner, and an actual original that has someone else’s name on it. Still, it is a fake, and it is a forgery, not to mention the fact that it is against the law to purport that you have taken a training course that you did not.

In Washington DC about seven or eight years ago, they were hiring a tremendous number of information technology specialists to help them upgrade all the software and computer systems that run our government. Nearly every agency was hiring for this and they needed computer people, and they were running out of people to hire. visit – https://lambangcapgiarehcm.com/

Since the pay was very good, and because they needed so many people they were not always able to check to make sure the training certificates presented were indeed valid. Anybody with a limited amount of computer knowledge could apply for the job, show a fake certificate, and get hired. Many of them believed that if they were hired, they could then go get the training they needed. And some did just that and no one was ever the wiser.

However, a bunch of people were caught with fake degrees from online colleges (shell companies) claiming that they did computer training. These companies would ask a series of questions about your business experience in the computer field, and then they would credit your experience towards a degree in computer science. The applicant would merely lie, and the system would give them the degree; for a fee of a couple of hundred dollars.

Once you receive the certificate in the mail you could use it to help yourself get a job doing IT work for the government. You can imagine that the proverbial dog crap hit the fan when the government figured out how rampant the fraud was and how many people had broken employment laws, doctored their resumes, and lied to get a job.

Worse some very high-ranking officials in our government also had fake degrees and training certificates. Many of these cases made the national news, and made our government look impotent and stupid. Of course, the government didn’t like being lied to or being made a fool by the media or in public; investigations and prosecutions swiftly followed. Much of our employment case law concerning these things got a huge upgrade at that point. Please consider all this.

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