The K-3 Spouse Visa For Your Thai Wife

If you are an American citizen wondering how you would be able to take your Thai wife back to the United States, then the best solution would be to file for a K-3 visa. canada pr

What makes the K-3 Visa different from the K-1 Visa?

The K-1 Visa and the K-3 Visa have several distinct differences, apart from being the visas to be obtained for your Thai fiancée, and spouse, respectively. The K-1 Visa allows you to marry your Thai fiancée within ninety (90) days upon her arrival in the United States, but it will not allow her to travel abroad until she has been granted the visa. On the other hand, the K-3 Visa is a multiple re-entry visa for your spouse. The K-3 Marriage Visa also allows your spouse to work as soon upon the issuance of the Social Security Card after the adjustment of status. However, the K-3 Visa application entails a more involved process than applying for a K-1 Visa, and usually takes a longer timeframe of 6-8 months.

K-3 Visa Basic Requirements

In order for you to be able to file an application for a K-3 Visa, you should be able to meet the following basic requirements:

1. You must be a citizen of the United States, and the beneficiary must be your spouse;

2. You must have filed a pending immigration petition at the USCIS naming your spouse as the beneficiary;

3. You marriage to your spouse must be deemed legally recognized in the country/ jurisdiction where you have been married.

Overview of the K-3 Visa Application Process

The process involving the K-3 Visa application is quite complicated. First of all you will need to make sure that you meet the financial requirements and have all Thai legal documents translated in English. Applications are then filed to the USCIS Service Center nearest your residence. This application will be processed by the National Benefits Center and the National Visa Center prior to being reviewed by the US Embassy. Once the K-3 Visa has been granted and your Thai wife arrives in the United States, it is best to apply for an adjustment of status to ensure that she becomes a Legal Permanent Resident within the next 2 years prior to the expiration of the K-3 Visa.

Engaging a Thai Law Firm

As the K-3 application may entail a lot of your time and tedious paperwork, it is advisable for you to seek the services of an efficient Thai law firm who will not only guide you throughout the process of your application, but can also effectively coordinate with your Thai spouse as the application for the K-3 Visa is ongoing. Engaging a Thai law firm that is well-experienced in handling US Visa applications can prove to be a good decision if you are pursuing a K-3 Visa application.


The K-3 Marriage Visa is a multiple re-entry visa that enables you to take your Thai spouse back to the United States and adjust her status towards becoming a Legal Permanent Resident. However, the K-3 visa application is a more difficult and involved process, therefore, the assistance of a reputable Thai law firm is highly recommended, as they can be the source of quality legal advice and can serve as thorough guides towards obtaining the K-3 Visa.

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