The News Media Whispers the Truth About Crime

Shhh! The Petit’s door become left unlocked…
On July 23 2007, two paroled burglars entered a home in higher-middle class Cheshire CT through an UNLOCKED door, beat and sure the male resident, Dr. Petit, tortured and raped his wife and two daughters for six hours, then poured gas on the women and set them afire. Neighbors had been shocked that any crime could show up there.
Three guests on Larry King’s July 30 TV show droned on approximately reforming parole regulations to save you such home invasions inside the destiny. Fine, reform the system. But take into account that no longer all predators are paroled felons – they could well be felons already launched from parole or up-and-coming younger monsters with clean records. What about them?
Inexplicably, the unlocked door the killers had entered became never mentioned on Larry King (and just barely noted four instances in hundreds of media reviews). The evident flaw in primary home security that brought about the fiendish destruction of a own family became glossed over as even though it become a minor element. The elephant sitting within the middle of the room become nearly invisible. click here
Now, had the door been locked, the invaders in all likelihood would’ve searched for other methods in, and if that failed, probable would’ve moved on to search for unlocked doorways elsewhere (few doors in that naïve “safe” community had been locked – as one report referred to) and a extraordinary own family likely could’ve been attacked rather.
The media also had their eyes wide shut during the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping in Salt Lake City in 2002. The kidnapper had entered through an open window, but the danger of leaving a window open, as ordinary, were given scant attention in the huge media coverage. Since then, the daddy, the satirically named Ed Smart who’d recruited the Charles Manson-like panhandler/kidnapper to shingle his roof, every so often visitors on TV panel discussions (as an professional) wherein his security blunders cross civilly unmentioned.
Of route the media does not want to “blame the victims.” It could appear almost merciless to add insult to harm – guilty those negative souls for contributory negligence. But, as a result, the one viable silver lining inside the Petit tragedy – explicitly warning human beings of viable horror from leaving doors and windows unlocked – changed into squandered, lost all the time. We’ll never recognize how many destiny victims of such crimes could have been spared. But just the possibility of sparing even one harmless soul from one of these hideous destiny would be properly well worth the tiny attempt.
Know this: kind of half of of the eight,000-plus home intrusions every day inside the US (that’s 2.9 million yearly, in keeping with the US DOJ) are “Walk-Ins” via doorways and home windows blithely left unlocked until bedtime or until leaving the house unoccupied. Is the invisible elephant starting to come into consciousness now?
Of direction no one desires to blame the sufferers. Those innocents had been lulled into the identical false sense of safety that seduces most of the people dwelling within the Sleepyvilles of the arena. They simply failed to realize that predators far outnumber the police – and that predators have all heard how Sleepyville has bad protection – in which people genuinely brag approximately not locking their doors or windows!
Some specially innocent sufferers go away their doors unlocked even when they’ve been invaded thru unlocked doorways! It’s now not continually smooth to locate sympathy for such wanton carelessness, however we ought to recall, in the end, that they are indeed innocent sufferers – in each senses of the phrase.
Yet whilst a few negative souls become butchered, their murders may be bemoaned inside the media – with barely a peep about their unlocked doorways or windows. And on and on it goes.
Wouldn’t this blasé public mind-set improve (at the least a piece) if the media frequently noted a brief, tactful safety precaution on the cease of every crime information report? Is the media too polite to shop destiny sufferers – despite the fact that it is simply one?
It’s a disgrace that those who’ve suffered a criminal offense because of unlocked doors and windows needed to examine this sort of harsh lesson the tough manner. The news media may want to have – and have to have – finished a higher activity of warning them.

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